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2017-11-17 13:45:25 by OfficiallySKYE

My boyfriend, @SkylightOfficial , took me to the hospital after I had severe stomach problems. 



Turns out I'm extremely underweight.

A 6 foot guy doesn't weight 95lbs normally, right??

I weighed in at 95lbs at the hospital, the doctor told me I should weigh 140-185 lbs


I'm out of the hospital now, but pain still persists

Hopefully I'm better before my next vocal session




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2017-11-17 14:01:13

I just got out of work, I'm stopping at Publix to buy you some subs, then I'll pick up some Starbucks for you ;)


2017-11-17 15:39:15

Feel better. I hope the best for you


2017-11-17 15:59:19

Dear , I hope that you improving rapidly !
Wishing you a speedy recovery !! :)


2017-11-17 18:45:51

I wish you a quick recovery and hope you feel better very soon.

(Updated ) OfficiallySKYE responds:

Don't be sorry :)

I'm trying to gain a couple of pounds, but I feel like that is a mission impossible because:

1) I have a fast metabolism
2) I work out (a lot)
3) I barely eat

When I step on that scale next month, I'm hoping to have gained at least one pound :)


2017-11-18 07:59:34

try and eat a lot. Your stomach might say no, but you need it. It'll get easier as you go, I think, so work through it.
Hope you get better soon, man.
(And if you don't want to do vocals, try making your own original music! It's literally my favorite way of wasting time besides playing soccer)

OfficiallySKYE responds:

I love singing, singing makes me feel alive. I am trying and eating a lot, so far, I've only gained half a pound.